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Salt usage increasing through WV winter

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It's been quite the winter for state and local departments using salt to help keep our roads safe.

"Winter has been extreme for us this year," said Bill Tate, the Assistant Public Works Director of Charleston.

"We have 92% of the roads in the state. That's around 36,000 miles to take care of," said Carrie E. Bly, the Communications Specialist of West Virginia Department of Transportation.

With all those miles of roads to take care of comes an increased usage of salt.

"We're about 65% through our season and we've spent 85% of our budget," said Bly.

For state and local departments one problem is after they order the salt it's being able to get it in a timely fashion.

"Some of our suppliers have been delayed getting our salt to us," said Bly.

"We've tried to keep 4,500 tons, we're less than 3,000 tons, because of the availability getting salt to us," said Tate.

The reason there's been a delay of salt is due to the winter storms we've seen across the county. And with the orders coming from the East Coast, weather has delayed deliveries. 

"We've had 2,000 tons on order for over two weeks, we've received 300 tons in two weeks. That's unprecedented.