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Raleigh County voted for the levy but against bond, what now?

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After Saturday's excess levy and bond election in Raleigh County, the results showed citizens voted for the excess levy but against the bond.

The bond would have increased people's property taxes. But, it would also have supported the construction of two new elementary schools. One would have merged Sophia-Soak Creek, Lester and Crab Orchard.

The other would have added a new Stratton Elementary School.

The bond would have also supported renovations at Shady Spring High School, Shady Spring Elementary School and it would have added a gym to Beckley Elementary. Crab Orchard Elementary was built in 1949. In some classrooms the baseboard heating isn't cutting it so an additional heating source is necessary.

Principal of Crab Orchard, Rose Kelly told 59News how much her school is in need of a new place to call home.

"Heating issues, we're not air conditioned, lighting, technology, just because of the age of the buildings," said Kelly.

The levy did pass. That supports salaries for employees and athletics in Raleigh County. The levy is already included in what people pay in their property taxes.

Brown said he's very happy citizens voted in favor.

"I'm very pleased that our tax payers were supportive. The amount of work and the support it provides to our students is critical," he told us.

Since the bond did not pass, Brown said he will have a work session with the Board of Education to address where they will go next.

"We had 23 1/2 million dollars that we expected to receive from the School Building Authority. That was kind money, a match. We will no longer be able to obtain that money from them," Brown said.

Brown said typically the School Building Authority will fund 30 to 35 percent of any given project.