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Protecting seniors against financial abuse

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Elderly abuse is more common than you might think and it doesn't always mean physical harm. Police say more and more they're seeing this kind of financial abuse.

There are a lot of seniors that are being financially exploited. They're easy targets because if they depend on someone else for their care, then that person can take their money or their drugs or talk them into signing something that they might not completely understand.

The Committee on Aging in Greenbrier knows education is key in preventing financial abuse, and said the most important way is "that seniors know what they're doing. Seniors need to know that when they sign a power of attorney, do they really know what they're signing? Often times seniors think they're signing a limited amount of power to somebody for their financial matters and in reality they may be signing over everything."

The families also need to be aware of what their elders are signing. Making a power of attorney document can state that a relative is required to monitor all financial transactions.