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Emergency responders gear up for winter storm

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One thing people hear constantly in severe winter weather is to not travel on the roads if you don't have to... but for some people it's their job to be out in these dangerous conditions.

People like emergency responders, firefighters, and policemen will be out no matter what the forecast brings, and tWednesday morning they were getting prepared.

Princeton firefighters told us it could be a quiet night with not a lot of calls or they could be running around the city all night long.

But either way they're going to be prepared for the worst.  This afternoon, firefighters made sure their crew and trucks are all ready to go.

"We have to prepare for what could be and if nothing happens that's great. If something does happen then that's what we're here for and we are ready to work," said Captain Keith Gunnoe.

Captain Gunnoe said the general public calls on fire departments for anything and everything and expects them to have the answers.  They said their calls could vary tonight from car accidents to trees and power lines down, to helping an elderly person who has run out of oxygen.

With up to a foot of snow on the way... Firefighters said driving their trucks could be tricky.

"Steering is kind of a problem if it's icy and things like this but as far as driving... they actually go very well," Gunnoe said.

Princeton firefighters said while these big trucks do typically drive well in the snow... They are starting Wednesday afternoon to put chains on the tires and should have them all chained up by Thursday morning.

They said not responding to a call because of a truck is just NOT an option.

"It's hard for these trucks to run on tire chains so we will pick what truck we use based on where it's going and kind of go from there," said Gunnoe.

They told 59 News if there's anything the public can do to help them during the storm... it's STAY at home.