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Drivers share with us their nightmares on the roads

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Drivers share their horror stories while out on the roads Thursday.

59News caught up with travelers along I-77. Drivers from North Carolina and even California told us today is the worst day to be driving.

"It took us about 7 hours to get from Raleigh to Mt. Airy. That was crazy. That was our nightmare," Brian Petschow said.

That trip should have only taken him about two hours. This is how he described those scary roads.

"Everything had come down so quickly between the snow and sleet and freezing rain. It was slushy and slippery," he told us.

A woman traveled to the Mountain State all the way from California and she told us our state is the hardest hit she's seen so far.

"I would say West Virginia. After it got dark last night, the snow was really coming hard and it was bad," Mickey Cannon said.

Cannon shared her experience of spinning out of control and crashing even in a 4WD vehicle.

"I saw a bunch of them sliding and I was one of them. It took me probably a long time I went sideways up the mountain, literally sideways," she said.

"Some guys had gotten stuck on the side of the road for 5 hours this morning. They weren't from here. They hadn't listened to the people telling them to not go out unless they had to. They're playing in it and getting stuck," said Beverly Farrish, manager of Marathon gas station in Raleigh County.

The shelves inside of Marathon are almost empty. Even though we're about half way through the winter storm, locals are still coming into the convenience stores for their necessities like their bread, gas and milk.

"I don't think they realized we were going to get this much until it hit. Now people realize they need their bread, milk and eggs. And that is exactly what we're selling the most of," Farrish said.

Authorities are asking you to not go out on the roads for any reason unless it's an emergency.

If you must travel, make sure to keep an emergency survival kit in your trunk.