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Letter carrier in Cross Lanes, WV faces challenges in the snow

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Nathan Lewis delivers mail in the snow. Nathan Lewis delivers mail in the snow.

For most people the most difficult part of the day Thursday, Feb. 13, was the tense morning drive to work in Kanawha County, WV and surrounding counties.

But for those whose job takes them out on the roads the sudden blast of snow made for a long day.

It might have delayed the arrival of that letter or package you have been waiting to receive.

United States Postal Service Mail Carrier Nathan Lewis had his work cut out for him as he delivered mail in the Cross Lanes area Thursday morning.

"Definitely the driving conditions are a challenge," Lewis said.

Sections of the route he would normally drive, he had to walk.

"Most people think because we have chains we can get anywhere," Lewis explained. "These trucks are only rear wheel drive so we can only get to so many places."

As he traveled through the snow covered neighborhoods he had to navigate around vehicles that were stuck in the roadway. Snow was stacked deep on top of many of the mailboxes. Residents along his route paused to ask him about road conditions.

"Rain, sleet, snow or hail, nothing will keep us from delivering the mail," Lewis said. "I learned that as a joke when I was doing the training with the guys at the Charleston office. But you know if you think about it, it is actually true. Regardless of it snowing this bad or real bad rain we are out here."

He said dealing with the weather is just part of the job.

"They take real good care of training us and making sure we are ready for these types of conditions," Lewis said. "When we are out here in the real world it is just us and the truck."

He said he was able to get mail to most of the places along his route Thursday. The places he could not get to he says he will deliver to as soon as possible. He is hoping to be able to get to those homes Friday.