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Mercer County Magistrate Announces Retirement

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Mercer County Chief Magistrate Rick Fowler announced Thursday he is retiring.

Fowler left a note in the magistrate offices but confirmed on his Facebook page he is retiring not resigning.

Fowler released this statement on his Facebook page:

"To clarify the rumors...I am going to retire 2-28-14....not resign. I will enjoy both of my retirement's...Air Force and Magistrate. I will miss all of the wonderful people I have met...but it's time to move closer to my parents. I am excited to be able to take them to dinner and just be with them and my sisters and family. Thank you for your support for the past 10 years. Be safe and please accept my token of appreciation to everyone."

Last September Fowler was under investigation for allegedly showing favoritism to certain defendants.

59News also found out Fowler was reprimanded by the Judicial Investigation Committee for inappropriately dating the wife of a defendant.