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Winterplace Ski Team hits the slopes

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The Winterplace Ski Team, that consists of 18 kids ages 5 to 18, meets two days a week and despite the weather, Thursdays practice was on.

Tim Kanagy, who's been coaching at the ski resort since 1987, didn't hesitate to have the skiers come practice despite the weather.

"That's just part of skiing, new parents call me sometimes and say, 'It's snowing are we going to have practice?' and I say, 'well it's ski practice, so yes we will have practice.'"

The skiers didn't mind. While they were focused on improving, they were also enjoying themselves.

"It's fun and you get to hang out with your friends and get to do a lot of skiing," said Dominic Rotellini.

For 11 year old Parker Redden, it's time with friends, but also time he gets to share with family.

"That's so much fun, that's my favorite thing, is being here with my family," described Redden who's dad Gary was at practice supporting him.

The team is part of the Southern Alpine Racing Association, a division of the United States Ski and Snowboard association (USSA).

While most of the skiers are on the developmental team, some also go to races to compete on the travel team.

"They're fun you get to go to different resorts in West Virginia and out of the state," said Drew Stafford.

Thursday's practice was a bit difficult. Not just because of the fog, but also because of the massive amount of snow.

Redden said, "your ski's sink if you don't have the right kind."

"You just sink into the snow," Stafford added.

With determination and help from their coaches, the Winterplace ski team has proven themselves successful in many competitions. Kanagy is happy to coach these young racers.

"It takes a special person to come out and brave the elements and to ski and compete."

If you're interested in being part of the ski team call Tim Kanagy at 304-673-9971 or Gary Redden at 304-890-1438.

You can also call Winterplace Ski Resort at 304-787-3221.