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New Pineville Elementary School now safe and secure

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Concerns over flooding cause one County to build a new Elementary School.

Classes began in the new Pineville Elementary School on January 2nd. The decision to build a new school in a different location was made after their old building flooded three different times.

Four and a half feet of water. That's what Pineville Elementary School dealt with in their building during the flood of 2001.

The floods of 2009 and 2010 brought a couples of inches as well. That's when administrators said enough is enough and built a new school away from the flood-prone zone.

"We wanted to get away from the flood plain. We feel like it will flood again but this area has never had an issue with floods so we are safer here," Principal Donald Clay said.

Pineville Elementary School is in the works to have flat screen TV's with internet capabilities in every classroom by this Spring. Kindergarten teacher Amber Marshall told 59News it'll be easy and fun to learn when technology is at every student's fingertips.

"To have that new technology will help the classroom flow. The students will be more engaged because of the type of technology that it will be," said Marshall.

4th grader Carmen Lusk told us her favorite subject is math and shared with us that she wants to be a 2nd grade teacher when she grows up because she already enjoys teaching younger students how to write in cursive. She told us what her favorite part of her new school is.

"I like it being wireless because we don't have to worry about the cords falling at our feet so nothing will fall off. It is nice knowing we are safe and that we don't have to deal with floods," Lusk told us.

Not only do Pineville Elementary students not have to worry about flooding, with their new building, safety and security is no longer a concern.

"At the old building we would walk down the hall and someone would be at a door and you wouldn't know who it was. With this building, you know. There's a limited amount of entrances, just the main one and you have to be buzzed in and have prior approval to come in," Marshall said.

The old Pineville Elementary School was built in the 1940's. The new school is home to 450 students.