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Big Snow Damages Local Fire Department

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While the snow may be gone for now, it definitely left its mark, especially on the Jumping Branch and Nimitz volunteer fire department.

Michael Cooper, The President and Chief Executive of the department says the snow compromised the roof. Although the damage isn't visible from the outside he told me the safest bet was to store the trucks elsewhere to avoid any caving in. 

This damage has left people in Jumping Branch and Nimitz without a Fire Department close by. Store owner, Sue Angell, is worried without a fire department.

"It really makes us nervous because if we need a fire department we don't have one immediately," she said.

The fire department president told me they have an adjuster coming to look at the damage in a few weeks.

Along with Mr. Cooper, the Assistant Fire Chief Michael Wright wants to assure the community that they are on an "automatic dual tone with Summers County Volunteer Fire Department and will respond immediately to all calls."