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UPDATE: Firefighters on scene of stove explosion in Ghent

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Two people are hurt after a stove exploded at a restaurant in Raleigh County on Tuesday.

Lt. Kyle Morrison with the Ghent Volunteer Fire Department told 59News two people were taken to an area hospital with 1st degree burns to their faces. This all happened just before 5:00 p.m..

Morrison told us the explosion started with buildup of propane on the oven, he said when the cooks lit the oven, it exploded in their faces. The Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department explained more.

"Upon arriving at the scene, I was told there was an accident with the stove. It wasn't large, but large enough that a couple of men got burned," said Rick Morrison.

He also told us when he got the call and heard the words "gas station explosion" it quickly became a very emotional moment.

"Based on what happened on January 30, 2007, when we saw the word explosion, we thought the worst. Thankfully it wasn't that bad this time around," Morrison said.

An employee of Aldina's told 59News all day during her shift she smelled gas in the kitchen. Firefighters told 59News there is no damage to the gas station. Exxon is running again smoothly.

Employee's at Aldina's told us their restaurant will be closed on Tuesday. No word yet on if it will be closed any longer.





Firefighters from Ghent Volunteer Fire Department are on the scene of what was being reported as a gas explosion in Ghent on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

Witnesses said that a stove exploded at Aldina's Kitchen, which is attached to the convenience store at the Exxon.  At least one person was taken to the hospital.  Details are still coming in.

Initial reports indicate that two people have been injured by the explosion which happened around 4:30 p.m. at the Exxon Station in Ghent.  That is at the intersection of Odd Road and Route 19.