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Jeremy Lambert takes the stand in his defense

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The defense began their case in the trial of Jeremy Lambert on Thursday, Feb. 27.  Lambert is accused of killing Cyan Maroney in Oct. 2011.

Defense attorneys called Lambert himself to the stand. Reports from the courtroom indicate that there have been heated objections to questions that have been asked by the defense.  Judge Robert Burnside called a recess for lunch.  Lambert is expected to take the stand again following the recess.

Day 3:


In day three of the trial, the state spelled out all the evidence that puts Jeremy Lambert at the scene of the crime.

Surveillance video from Walmart in Beckley showed the defendant in the store the night Cyan Maroney was stabbed buying a large hunting knife.

Forensic investigators from the State Police Lab testified that blood found on the shirt Lambert was wearing the night of October 2nd, 2011 did in fact have Cyan's blood on it.

The medical examiner who performed Cyan's autopsy told the jury the severity of Cyan's stab wounds appeared to have been caused by a great deal of rage and anger.

And a friend of Jeremy Lambert's who said he called her after the incident testified about what he told her in the minutes after the murder.

"He said, 'I'm going away for a long time. I have blood all over me and I think she's dead.' He said, 'I stabbed her.'," said Amber Cook.

When the defense begins their case it's not whether or not Lambert committed the crime it's what degree of murder the jury finds him guilty of.

When the state called Raleigh County Detective Larry Lilly to the stand, a recording of Lambert's statement to investigators was played for the jury.

Lambert told them he blacked out and doesn't remember anything after he showed up to Cyan's house the night she was killed.

The trial continues with the defense stating their case to the jury Thursday morning.


Day 2:

A murder trial began for a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death in Raleigh County.

Jeremy Lambert of Fayette County is on trial for the murder of Cyan Maroney of Greenbrier County on October 2, 2011.
After opening statements Tuesday morning, prosecuting attorney Kristen Keller began calling witnesses to the stand.
She starting things off with the few people who were in the home with the victim when the murder happened.

Maroney's roommates, Ayman Robertson, Catherine Claus, and Kate Houff were all home at the time of the murder.
They recalled the events of the night and said they knew Lambert was coming over and the two went into her room to talk.

Minutes later, they said an argument turned into blood-curdling screams from Maroney. Then they said they watched Lambert walk out of the room and out of the house with a large bloody knife.

"I had never seen a knife like that before... and it had blood all over it and he had blood on his hands," said Claus.

The state then played 911 calls from the intense moments as one roommate tried to keep her alive and the others called for help.

Also testifying were emergency responders that came to the home that night and the doctor who treated Cyan in the hospital.

They told the court, Cyan had died from her stab wounds almost immediately.

"She had essentially bled to death already, she had no heartbeat she was not breathing she had multiple stab wounds," said Raleigh County paramedic Mike Tompkins.

The doctor treating Cyan that night told the court when she arrived at the hospital, there was no chance of bringing her back.

Testimony continues Wednesday morning in front of Judge Burnside.