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EXCLUSIVE: Suspected Greenbrier County shooter, Danny Windon, tells his story

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Danny Windon, charged with wanton endangerment in Greenbrier County, shares his side of the story. Danny Windon, charged with wanton endangerment in Greenbrier County, shares his side of the story.
Days after he was arrested for allegedly firing shots near the home of a state trooper, Danny Windon spoke out about his side of the story.

Windon recounts that he was out with his son on Saturday afternoon sighting in a gun. They wanted to get some father and son time and had permission from the landowner to shoot. Windon said he has shot in that same area many times before, and has never had a complaint.

The house that Windon was allegedly shooting toward belonged to a West Virginia State Trooper.  The trooper was not at home during the incident, but said that his brother was doing renovations there at the time.  It was the trooper's brother who reportedly heard the shots, and said it sounded like bullets were "whizzing" by the house. No shots were actually fired through the home.

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Windon was arrested after the shots were called in. He said that he thinks the area where he was shooting created an echo which made the shots sound closer than they were.

Windon took 59News to the spot where he was shooting to show the angle and slope of the area. He said the direction in which he was shooting, and the steepness of the hill, the shots could have only gone into the hill. Windon said from where he was he couldn't even see the houses up the hill.

Windon said he and his son were aiming at a target about 100 yards away from them up hill. Where the target was, you could see holes in the ground where the shots hit. The houses that heard the shots were approximately 500 yards farther up the hill. Windon also said the angle that he was shooting, the bullet would have to change directions to aim for the house.

"It's a very steep hill and to get over top of that hill, it would have to not touch the hill but run basically the same angle as the hill to get to the top of the hill without hitting anything. And at that point it would be shooting towards the sky. What caused the bullet to be going towards the sky over the hill towards Nathan's house which to my thinking is up towards the right, the bullet would have had to change directions mid air. I can't say it did, only God knows the answer." said Windon.

Windon was arrested and charged with felony wanton endangerment and a misdemeanor shooting near a residence. He was released on a $4,000 bond.