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Defense resumes case in Jeremy Lambert murder trial

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Defense called expert witness in Jeremy Lambert murder trial Defense called expert witness in Jeremy Lambert murder trial


The murder trial of Jeremy Lambert, who is accused of killing his former girlfriend Cyan Maroney, picked up on Tuesday, March 4.  The trial began at 10 a.m.  Lawyers for the defense called a Forensic Psychiatrist as an expert witness to testify.  

The jury is expected to receive the case today.  Lawyers worked on jury instructions Monday in an effort to streamline the process once the closing statements are done.


Monday, March 3:

Court officials announced on Monday, March 3, that they would be delaying the trial on Jeremy Lambert who is being tried in a Raleigh County courtroom from the murder of Cyan Maroney.  Maroney was killed in Oct. 2011. 

On Friday, Feb. 28 the prosecution cross examined Lambert who was called to the stand in his own defense on Thursday.  Several other defense witnesses were called on Friday afternoon.  The defense still has not rested their case.  They are expected to pick back up on Tuesday morning in front of Judge Robert Burnside. 


On Thursday, murder suspect Jeremy Lambert took the stand in his own defense.

He described to the courtroom his time in the armed forces, his multiple attempted suicides and his regret for murdering his girlfriend, Cyan Maroney.

Lambert explained in detail his deployment in Kuwait in the early 2000's and the emotional toll of seeing his own men dead. He then said he's been treated at multiple Veterans Administration Hospitals for depression, anxiety, attempted suicide, panic attacks, multiple personalities, hallucinations and self injury.

With tears streaming down his face, Lambert emotionally admitted to the courtroom his guilt and his regret.

"Did you kill her?" questioned his defense attorney.

"I don't remember doing it, but yes I did," Lambert said through tears.

"Are you sorry?" asked the defense.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't wish I could change it," said Lambert.

He said the days leading up to Maroney's murder, he had suspicions she was seeing another man. In Lambert's own words, this is what happened during Maroney's last few minutes alive.

"I walked into her room and asked her where is this guy? And then I said his name," he said.

This is when Lambert told the courtroom his memory draws a blank and that he doesn't know what happened in the next few hours.

"I'm walking out towards my car and I knew I had something in my hand but I didn't know what it was at the time," said Lambert.

The defense attorney then paused Lambert to ask him if had any other memories during those past few hours. He said no and continued.

"I started driving towards Oak Hill when I looked at my clothes and realized something bad had happened. I called my mom and said I think I've hurt somebody. I told her I think I might have killed Cyan," Lambert said.

Cross-examination will continue Friday morning.