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In day 6 of Jeremy Lambert murder trial, forensic psychiatrist testifies

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On day 6 of the Jeremy Lambert murder trial, the jury heard from an expert witness to decide if Lambert's alleged disorders made him incapable of plotting former girlfriend Cyan Maroney's murder.

Lawson Bernstein is a forensic psychiatrist testifying in the Jeremy Lambert murder trial.

After reviewing his findings, Bernstein told the courtroom Lambert suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mood disorders, multiple personality disorder and alcohol dependency. Bernstein read aloud his conclusions from Lambert's psychological tests.

"Quote: He has anger and does not know how to properly express his anger. When he loses control of his anger he is likely to respond with more extreme displays of anger including damage to property and threats to assault others," said Bernstein.

Still, Bernstein told the jury he cannot come to a conclusion on Lambert's sanity.

"I can not render an opinion that he is legally insane, per West Virginia statute," he said.

The defense questioned Bernstein's opinions again.

"At the time of the crime, Jeremy suffered from at least 3 mental diseases or defects, correct?"

"Yes," answered Bernstein. 

"And did those mental diseases or defects make him incapable of formulating homicidal intent or premeditation?" asked the defense.

"In my opinion, it did," Bernstein said.

Prosecuting Attorney Kristin Keller began her cross examination by highlighting her concern over Lawson Bernstein's credibility. Keller then again questioned Bernstein's opinion on whether or not Lambert's disorders kept him incapable of plotting Maroney's murder.

On Wednesday the prosecution will call more witnesses before closing arguments begin.