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Day 7 of Jeremy Lambert trial; Prosecution calls more witnesses

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Jeremy Lambert is on trial for the stabbing death of his former friend, Cyan Maroney, more than two years ago.

On Wednesday, the jury heard from more witnesses from the prosecution. The first witness, Lambert's ex-girlfriend, told the courtroom on many occasions during their relationship he threatened her life.

"In the back of his car was a gun and a baseball bat," said Dr. Jennifer Osborne.

Did the defendant tell you what would happen if you did not comply?" questioned the prosecution.

"He said he would not be afraid to use it. He called me and said he had Hepatitis C and he had given it to me and that he hoped I would die," Osborne said.

A current Boone County sheriff's deputy and former roommate of Lambert's in Kuwait told the jury his time on tour with Lambert was stressful, but not any more stressful than the average day in law enforcement.

A psychologist who interviewed Lambert during his pre-employment at the Beckley Police Department answered the prosecution's and the defense's questions on Lambert's interview.

"If the defendant had in any way indicated in the past or in the present that he had suicidal or homicidal intentions, would you have recorded that?" the prosecution questioned.

"Yes," said Dr. Gregory Bowland.

"Is it correct that your evaluation establishes that he recorded nothing as to any psychological conditions and nothing as to post traumatic stress disorder?" questioned the prosecution.

"That's correct," Bowland said.

A clinical forensic psychologist took the stand next and through the prosecution and defense's questions, told the jury he found nothing to suggest Lambert did not know murder is wrong. He told the courtroom he believes Lambert did have the capacity to plot Maroney's murder.

In Day 8 of the trial Thursday, closing arguments will begin followed by the jury's deliberations.