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Guilty without mercy: Jury issues verdict in Lambert trial

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A jury reaches a verdict in the murder trial of Jeremy Lambert.

Lambert is accused of stabbing his former girlfriend, Cyan Maroney, to death more than two years ago. 

The jury came back from deliberations with a verdict of guilty of first degree murder without mercy.

Before deliberations, the jury spent Thursday afternoon hearing closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense.

The prosecution began her argument to the jury with a drawing board demonstration showing 
the 23 times Jeremy Lambert stabbed to death his former friend, Cyan Maroney. 

Prosecuting Attorney Kristin Keller told the courtroom at ANY time during each 23 stabs Lambert could have stopped, therefore he DID intend to murder her.

She said "the intent to kill IS the basis for premeditation."

The defense then gave his argument. 

The defense then continued to highlight the evidence needed to prove the killing was "impulsive and/or spontaneous."

Lambert is not eligible for parole.