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Full Story: Jeremy Lambert murder trial

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A verdict has been reached in the Jeremy Lambert murder trial.

Jeremy Lambert was found guilty of 1st degree murder without mercy. Lambert is accused of stabbing his former friend, Cyan Maroney, to death more than two years ago.

Before deliberations, the jury spent Thursday afternoon hearing closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense. The prosecution began her argument to the jury with a drawing board demonstration showing the 23 times Jeremy Lambert stabbed to death his former friend, Cyan Maroney.

"He could have chosen to stop at 23. That is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of 1st degree pre-meditated murder," said Prosecuting Attorney Kristin Keller.

Keller told the courtroom at any time during each 23 stabs, Lambert could have stopped, and she said therefore he did intend to murder her. She told the jury the intent to kill is the basis for premeditation.

The defense then gave his argument.

Defense Attorney Thomas Dyer highlighted the evidence needed to prove the killing was "impulsive and/or spontaneous." He told the courtroom every witness believed Lambert had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

"Of course he has PTSD, every psychologist and psychiatrist that came in here said he has PTSD. The army did a study on his psychological state for 8 months, he has PTSD, combat related, they gave him a 50% disability," Dyer said.

This was the prosecution's rebuttal.

"Cyan at age 25 was a beautiful, talented, loving, artistic, compassionate, intelligent young woman with a whole life ahead of her," Keller said.

Lambert is not eligible for parole.