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Residents living along Route 52 in Brushfork want a safer road

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After a horrific accident leaves two children dead in Mercer County, people living near the scene say changes need to be made.

Residents living along Route 52 in Brushfork said this is the third fatal accident in the past few years in this exact same spot.  But this time... the heartache is felt by thousands.

"When I realized there were two young children in the back my heart stopped, it was awful," said Michelle Cleary who was one of the first people at the scene of the accident.

They said most people drive too fast and aren't paying attention to all the activity on the road.

"Since I have lived here there's been too many to count people come through here flying the speed limit is 45 mph you can watch cars as they go by and nobody goes 45. Nobody pays attention. There a little hump and if somebody is pulling into the church or turning off, you can't really see them," said Cleary.

And people right across the street at the Deliverance Temple said they worry about accidents every time people show up for service.

People at the scene said any sign of warning... Telling drivers to be a little bit more careful... might save someone's life in the future.

"At least some flashing lights or a caution sign to let people know that there are people stopping, and the speed limit is 45 I think it should be 35 at least slow it down a little bit this is a busy place," said Cleary.

Residents in the area tell 59 News they've contacted our state delegates to try and bring about change to the road.

They said they also plan on calling the State Highway officials to express concern about how dangerous Route 52 is.