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Mercer County Schools Prepare for WesTest

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Every year, students in grades three through eight and in grade ten take the West Virginia Educational Standards Test or, WesTest.

The test lets teachers know if they've connected with the kids, and it helps the students know if they're where they need to be on grade level. This year for the first time, the test will be taken as an online test. Some wonder if students will be ready in time, but even with days missed because of the snow, teachers are making sure all of the information is learned by test time.

"With the number of snow days we have had this year, we are doing everything we can to protect the instructional time in the school." said Mercer County test coordinator Rosemary Mitchell, "we're focused on the academics and not so much on the extra frivolous type things that we enjoy doing, but we know right now we're in crunch time so the teachers are really working with the students to prepare them." said Mitchell

Teachers are already working with students to get them familiar with the testing equipment, and offer one on one help to go over the material so the focus is on the instruction and making sure we get everything we need to prepare these kids to get ready.

The school recommends getting a big breakfast the day of the test, and arriving on time