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Is technology helping or hurting our youth?

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Anyone with smallchildren knows how nice it is to find something that keeps their kids attentionfor more than 10 seconds.

With the growingpopularity of handheld devices like tablets, iPhones and iPods more youngchildren are being exposed to them. Some think this helpsthe children develop, while others remain skeptical.

Orthopedic Surgeon, SyedA. Zahir told me that other than the obvious reasons, being connected to yourphone all day as a child actually effects your hands.

"I think when kids areusing the iPad or keyboard or telephone to text continuously, they'll developsimilar problems, especially with the fingers. They can develop inflammationaround the joints and Carpal tunnel can develop in the future," he said.

Pediatricians recommendno screen exposure for children before they turn 2 years old.