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Tazewell residents react to bizarre, satanic stabbing

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Tazewell residents share with 59News they are shocked to hear someone in their tight-knit community could do such a thing.

A woman originally from Tazewell County, Virginia is in police custody in Church Hill, Tennessee. Police said Stephanie Hamman allegedly crashed her car into Providence Church and then stabbed her husband in the chest after telling him, "The devil is in me."

Our 59News crews reached out to Stephanie's family members in Tazewell, but we respected the wishes of the family to not interview them.

"She's a sweet girl. We are shocked to know that she has stabbed her husband," said community member Melissa Roland.

"It was a shock, especially to hear 'the devil made me do it,' said Jessie Hurley, Tazewell resident.

Hurley believes Hamman knew what she was doing when she decided to harm her husband.

"I believe that people are born with a conscience to choose and you can either choose good or bad and I believe she just chose the bad way," she told us.

They told 59News Hamman's mental health and drug use may have contributed to her actions.

"The drugs do have an effect on people. You chose to do drugs or not do drugs," Hurley said.

"She should be evaluated for mental health issues to see what is troubling her," said Roland.

Stephanie Hamman graduated from Tazewell High School in 2009. Hamman is being held without bond. A court appearance is expected for Wednesday.

Read the full story on Hamman's arrest for attempted murder here: http://www.wvnstv.com/story/25000102/tazewell-high-school-graduate-arrested-for-attempted