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59News EXCLUSIVE: Stabbing victim Steven Hamman speaks

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Stabbing victim Steven Hamman spoke exclusively with 59News on Wednesday.

New details are emerging after a woman from Tazewell County allegedly stabbed her husband because "the devil told her to do it." Read the full story here: http://www.wvnstv.com/story/25000102/tazewell-high-school-graduate-arrested-for-attempted

Hamman appears to talk to herself and keeps her eyes closed through a hearing in court on Wednesday. The Tazewell County native told police she was mad because she believed her husband was worshipping a NASCAR race at Bristol. During the court hearing she talked sporadically saying things like "mom can you hear me? I've been looking for you like for seven years out in the dark."

Stephanie and Steven Hamman have been happily married over 3 years.  In Steven's own words, he told 59News how his life changed forever in Church Hill, Tennessee.

"I went into the church, she was standing in the aisle of the church. She didn't know she had just drove into the church. I saw the knife in her hand, we wrestled with it, I got stabbed somehow. I realized my shirt was soaked in blood and took off running," Steven Hamman said.

Steven told us he was stabbed completely be accident.

"She did not try to stab me. When I tried to get the knife from her, we tripped and that's when I remember the pain in my chest," he said.

When did she start saying, the devil is inside me?

"When I asked her why she drove through the church, that's when she said the devil made her do it," said Hamman.

Still, Steven forgives her and said he can't imagine his life without her.

"Just keep praying for us. I don't plan on going anywhere. I love my wife," he said.

The judge postponed Hamman's arraignment, saying she needs a mental health evaluation first. The case is on hold until those mental evaluation results are available.