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LATEST: Parents granted home confinement after young girl shot by brother in Kanawha County, WV

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South Charleston, WV police on scene at Thomas Memorial Hospital. South Charleston, WV police on scene at Thomas Memorial Hospital.
Kanawha County Sheriff's Office on scene in Cross Lanes. Kanawha County Sheriff's Office on scene in Cross Lanes.
Tabitha Bowen Tabitha Bowen
John Seymour John Seymour


According to the Kanawha County Magistrate Court, Tabitha Bowen and John Seymour were granted home confinement Wednesday, April 16.

Both Bowen and Seymour's home confinement will be in two separate residences, and no firearms, drugs, or alcohol will be allowed in the homes.

Random testing will be done on both Bowen and Seymour, and they will not be allowed to have contact with their children.

The Kanawha County Magistrate Court say this is an ongoing Child Protection Services investigation.

Until their home confinement is implemented, both Bowen and Seymour will remain in the South Central Regional Jail.



According to a criminal complaint released in magistrate court in Kanawha County, WV

The child, Kasey Seymour, arrived at Thomas Memorial Hospital on Monday, April 7 with a gun shot wound to her left arm, near her elbow. She also had stippling or "powder burns" on her left arm and torso.

Kasey Seymour was with her mother Tabitha Bowen when the pair arrived at Thomas Memorial Hospital. Bowen and the 4-year-old girl were dropped off by the child's father, John Seymour. He took off shortly after dropping both his daughter and her mother.

The mother, Tabitha Bowen originally told Kanawha County Sheriff's Deputies the shooting happened along Sissonville Drive. Bowen later recanted her story and told investigators she lied because she was in fear of losing her kids. Bowen then explained the shooting occurred at a bedroom of her home located at 5323 #2 Dalewood Drive in Cross Lanes, WV.

According to the same criminal complaint, on Sunday, April 6, a friend of John Seymour came by his home to drop off a gun. The friend only identified as "Laura" gave the gun to Seymour to keep overnight. Bowen told police he put the gun in his bedroom but she not sure where. She described the gun as having a wooden handle and being "metal." 

Bowen claims on Sunday, April 6, in the evening, she consumed two beers and fell asleep. Her children were put to bed and sleeping in their bedrooms. Seymour, the father, went to a friend's home to play video games. He returned to the couple's residence and he too fell asleep on the couch. 

According to the same criminal complaint, Bowen says on the morning of April 7 she heard a loud "boom" that woke her up. Kasey Seymour and her 5-year-old brother came running into the living room. Bowen determined the 5-year-old brother had somehow gotten the gun and shot Kasey. Bowen went to the bedroom and found the gun lying on the bed. She wrapped it in dark T-shirt and placed the weapon on top of some clothing lying inside the room. Bowen says she and Seymour got in their vehicle and drove Kasey to the hospital.

Kasey and her brother told detectives the gun was lying on top of the bed in Bowen and Seymour's room.

Deputies searched the residence where Bowen and Seymour lived. The found bullet fragments inside the room. They also found a tear on the east side of a mattress lying on the bedroom floor. Additionally, according to the criminal complaint, a tear was found on the bench of the exercise machine in the room.

Deputies also located a piece of a bullet jacket on the bedroom floor. Sheet rock dust was also found on the floor in the area where the damaged items were found. 

Finally, according to the same criminal complaint, drug paraphernalia was found in different parts of the home. A glass pipe was found on a child's chair and one was found in the room where the shooting occurred. There was also a plate with a cut plastic straw and some type of residue on it found inside the bedroom as well.  

A razor blade was also found close to the plate. 

The investigation is continuing at this time. 



John Seymour, the father of the girl who was shot, has been arrested.  Police say the parents will be charged with child neglect causing serious body injury.

Tabitha Bowen, the girl's mother, was also arrested and faces the same charge.

Both parents will be arraigned in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

Detectives say they have evidence that the shooting happened at the Cross Lanes scene and not at the Sissonville scene.



Police have released more details on a shooting that left a 4-year-old girl injured. 

Kasey Seymour was taken to Thomas Memorial Hospital for treatment and contrary to earlier reports her mother was with her in the hospital.  The girl's injuries are non-life threatening.

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Office is in Cross Lanes waiting on a search warrant for the home where they believe the shooting took place.  They said they will wait until the Kanawha Bureau of Investigations arrives before executing the warrant.

Police are detaining John Seymour, the girl's father.  He has not been charged with any crimes and is not under arrest.

Police believe the girl's older brother accidentally shot her.



Police say that the girl's brother shot her in a home on Hurley Drive in Cross Lanes, WV.

Police are on scene near the Dairy Queen on Route 21 because they believe the gun came from that area.



Dispatchers say that police in Cross Lanes have stopped a truck in connection to the shooting.  A red truck was stopped on Hurley Drive because it matched the description of the truck that dropped off the child.

Police say they have detained, but not arrested, someone at the scene.

Police are also on scene on Route 21 near the Dairy Queen. 



A 4-year-old girl was dropped off at Thomas Hospital with a gunshot wound.

According to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office, they are investigating how the child was shot.  They believe the child was shot in Sissonville, WV.