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Two road closures create headaches for McDowell County residents

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It was a double whammy on Wednesday for people trying to drive in the Panther area of McDowell County.

County Route 1 remains closed after a rock slide on Sunday morning, but late Tuesday night on the detour around Route 1... a hole in the road formed.
Panther Creek Road was closed to school busses and large trucks after a 16-inch hole appeared over a culvert... leaving the students of Panther with no way to get to school.

Department of Highway workers were able to temporarily fix the road a few hours later with this steel plate.

We found a few ladies that all travel from Panther to Welch each day for work... which is usually an hour drive each way.

"Awful it's awful... four hours traveling to work you just don't know it's tough," said Dreama Dotson.

They said the length of the drive isn't the worst part... it's the bumpy, curvy road they're forced to travel on.  They said this week has taken a toll on them and their vehicles.

"The road out to there is horrible to Beartown it's destroying our vehicles for us it's 50 minutes longer," said Venus Cline.
 The women said they're hopeful the work is done soon... because the extra miles are costing them.

"When you live paycheck to paycheck month to month it adds up it may not matter to some people but to us it does," said Tammy Bailey.

School busses and all other vehicles are now permitted on the detour route again.
As for the rockslide on Route 1, crews said they are still on track to have the road re-opened by Friday.