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Community reacts to high school teacher sex-assault arrest

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Community members in Pocahontas County react to hearing about a high school teacher facing sexual assault charges.

They tell 59 News they were shocked to hear about the crime after state police said she was having sexual relations with a minor.

25-year-old Sammantha Bartley was a teacher at Pocahontas County High School when the incident occurred.

West Virginia State Troopers said a former student of the school came forward about the sexual relations that happened back in 2013.

One Marlinton resident who knows Bartley well said the community never expected to hear about something like this happening in their small town.

"I was in shock I never thought a teacher would be more than willing to have sexual relations with a student but I mean that's what you kind of get when you put a 25-year-old female teaching high school students," said Kristin Sharp.

Bartley is facing three counts of sexual assault by a guardian.