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Mid-70 temperatures, then snow? How do we deal?

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A lot of people in the area spent the weekend outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Unfortunately for some, winter isn't done with us yet.

Catching that first big fish of the season and breaking out the clubs at their favorite golf course, with this past weekend in the 70's, people were not happy to find out they won't be doing either of those soon.

Kids in Daniels told 59News warm weather means enjoying fun activities outdoors with their family.

"We played outside at my Aunt and Uncle's house. We went to a car show with my Paw Paw," said Morgan and Conrad Ellis of Raleigh County.

A fishermen had really good luck the past few days at Little Beaver State Park.

"Oh there was so many people here fishing, everywhere you look there was fishermen, probably about 500 or so people out here this weekend," said Henry Basham.

What would you say if I were to tell you that tomorrow it's going to snow?

"Oh, I'm ready to move south. I'm not into ice-fishing," said Mike Miller.

What do sub-freezing temperatures and snow showers mean for your Spring flowers and vegetables you've been happily planting the past few weeks?

"Go ahead and cover those up, use a sheet or a pillow case. If some reason you miss it, get up really early in the morning and hose them off with water," Greenbrier Nurseries Manager Chip Faulk said.

Even if we don't see too much snow over the next few weeks, Faulk said our plants and flowers still may not be in the clear because he tells us our region typically sees frost until the end of May.

Faulk says once this cold snap ends, it'll be a great time to mow the lawn and lay down weed-killer and fertilizer.