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How you can help clean up Kee Dam

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In Mercer County, a popular fishing area that became a dump site for trash is getting cleaned up.

Viewers told us trash litters the area around Kee Dam, making it difficult to enjoy fishing.

A new non-profit organization in Princeton called Forward the Love Foundation is heading up the clean up. They've already had two clean up days in the past few week, and soon, will plan for a third clean up day.

"I fish Key Dam very often and I've never seen it like that before. There was a lot of household trash, alcohol bottles and drug equipment that littered the entire bank all the way around the entire dam," said Zachary Lockhart, Executive Director.

If you'd like to join their efforts in making the Dam a more environmentally friendly place to fish, go to their facebook page, website or give them a call.

You can find them at:!/ForwardTheLoveWV