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Remote controlled drones my pose safety-privacy threats

Remote controlled drones may pose safety-privacy threats

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Raleigh County WV -
With a tremendous growth in popularity, Drones, or quad copters have started to stir up quite the controversy.

Some of them come fully equipped with cameras on them so people can take videos or pictures from high in the sky.

The owner of T&K Hobbies in Daniels says that these flying objects have become more popular within the past couple months.

"It's a bigger hobby than people think," Greg Dacal Said.

Some people think that these drones with cameras are an invasion of their privacy.

"It would be the same as someone hovering over your house and looking in your windows. I even worry about them falling out of the sky," Ron Marshall Said.

The FAA is currently trying to find answers and put new laws in place. 
But as far as hobbyist go, officials say to fly them responsibly and not over neighborhoods, just to keep everyone safe.

Dacal said this is becoming more then just a hobby and is a way of the future.