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Arson Awareness Week

Arson Awareness Week

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Raleigh County WV - Every year the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's office has a different theme for their Arson Awareness Week. This year they are emphasizing on arson involving vehicles.

A firefighter from Beckley, Chris Graham, told me there are many things you can do to avoid these things from happening to you.
"We just want to make people aware and that arson is a crime and you should try to deter it anyway you can. If you have a vacant building beside you you need to secure it. Also, keep your car locked so nobody steals it and sets it on fire," Graham said.

Graham said that some people do it just to get rid of old buildings and some do it for fun.

"It's a very serious crime because not only are hurting property, maybe sosomeone'siving in the home and they become trapped. You could be charged with murder," he said.

According to the National fire incident reporting system, 17% of all fires in 2014 involved vehicles and 7% of those fires were set intentionally.