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Consider investing in metal building construction

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Jamison Humphrey Jamison Humphrey
Jamison Humphrey is vice president of MCP Enterprises LLC, which specializes in metal building construction. The business is located in Hurricane and can be reached at 304-760-8660.

The use of pre-engineered metal buildings has become increasingly popular throughout the last decade.

Most can recognize their use by thinking of a Family Dollar, Dollar General or NAPA Auto Parts store. The use of metal buildings has become commonplace for office space, churches and even new home construction. The durability and cost effectiveness of these structures over time is unmatched when compared to traditional wood built structures.

Pre-engineered metal buildings can be customized to meet a customer’s needs and are safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This type of construction requires professionals who adhere to OSHA Safety Standards for Metal Buildings and are nearly indestructible.

Metal buildings offer a structural integrity that ensures longevity with little to no maintenance and more options for customers than a traditional building is able to provide. MCP Enterprises super-sets the roof onto metal building structures to shorten build time and ensure the safety of our workers. This process allows the construction crew to assemble sections on the ground then lift and set them with a crane.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Durability & Safety: Metal Buildings are constructed to last a lifetime. Steel won’t warp, rot, mildew or twist and is protected from pest infestations. Because of the ability of this material to stand up against natural elements such as strong winds, a tornado or hurricane, they are used for storm shelters. Industry standards ensure strength and integrity and foundations are stronger because each column is made with concrete piers.
  • Speed of Construction: Pre-engineered metal building materials are engineered, detailed and fabricated at the manufacturer’s plant which saves time and labor costs. The steel panels arrive at the job site cut to precise heights, framed, molded and insulated and are light and easy to move around. There is no time spent cutting materials and waste is at an absolute minimum. Once the concrete piers are poured, the construction crew assembles the frame, adds walls and roof panels and all additional materials such as glass and stone can be added to the building according to customer specifications.
  • Maintenance Free & Cost Effective: Metal building materials are able to withstand the daily wear and tear that affects traditional wood building materials. In addition to the strength of steel to withstand natural elements and pest infestations, this material is fire resistant and is not damaged by water. Steel buildings have an “A” fire rating versus a “C” rating for wood buildings which saves money on insurance premiums. There is no need for repainting, residing or reroofing of metal buildings and most come with warranties of up to 40 years. The low maintenance of these structures saves money over the life of the building.
  • Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly: Metal buildings are easy to cool and heat. A light heat-resistant color will reflect the sun’s energy for cooling. Higher R-values are able to be used in insulating the roof and walls, which makes these buildings more efficient when heating or cooling. Steel is 100 percent recyclable and does not lose any strength in the recycling process. Also, there is less waste on the job site because pre-engineered metal buildings are cut and formed at the factory the scrap for steel is 2 percent, versus 20 percent for wood.
  • Design Options: As stated previously, metal buildings are being used for various purposes — retail stores, churches, office space, warehouses, compressor stations and more. Many have combined uses such as a small area for retail in the front and a larger area in the back for warehouse space or repair services. The frames of metal buildings can be easily expanded and can expand with changing customer needs. Because of the strength of steel, there are no interior posts required leaving more open building space with a greater roof span and more useable space.
Ultimately, metal buildings offer consumers more design options, durability, low maintenance costs, greater safety, recycled materials and energy efficiency. When comparing costs of pre-engineered metal buildings, consideration should not only be on the initial construction cost, but also on the longer term costs of ownership such as maintenance repairs and insurance. The investment into a metal building structure should be weighed for all of these reasons.