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Fayette County School floods after day of rain

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Heavy rains caused some extensive damage to one middle school in Fayette County.
The gymnasium at Collins Middle School in Oak Hill was covered with water after 24 hours of rain this week.
Administrators with Fayette County Schools said the roof started to leak after drains overflowed during the storm Thursday.
And it caused their gym to flood with water.
Director of Operations Ron Cantley said so many of the schools in Fayette County are getting old and starting to have some major problems that are expensive to fix.
"We do struggle with having the funds to make some of the major major changes we need to make. Collins Middle, we're looking at a roof system that costs about $700,000 plus. Our maintenance budget just for one year is 1.2 million and those numbers just don't add up," said Cantley.

Crews were working to fix the roof at Collins Middle School Friday.
But Cantley said this was happening at several buildings all over the county during the storm.  The condition of Fayette County's school buildings is one reason they were taken over by the state and Cantley said the number of schools they have to keep fixing is taking a toll on their budget.
"Too many schools in relation to educational outcome is something people debate all the time but one thing that is not debatable is too many schools in relation to your ability to maintain the buildings and that's a struggle for us," said Cantley.

Classes were not affected by the flooding.  Friday, the gym floor was cleaned up and as far as they could tell right now, no significant damage was done to the floor.