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You can help stop a Shoplifting Ring at Belk in Crossroads Mall

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Shoplifting ring at Belk in Crossroads Mall Shoplifting ring at Belk in Crossroads Mall
Belk at the Crossroads Mall in Beckley has been hit by shoplifters, not once but twice over the last several days.

Detectives say they think the suspects are the same two women.

Check out this surveillance video, detectives told 59News these two women have shoplifted from Belk twice in the last 7-10 days. A Raleigh County resident reacts to finding out something of this magnitude is happening in our area.

"In this area I don't think it's very shocking, people are desperate for money so people will steal things and sell it. But at Crossroads Mall it is surprising because they do have such a security presence there and there were security cameras," said Jesse Thomas.

Raleigh County Detective Stump said the suspects are targeting Belk and more specifically, the Polo brand clothing line.

"You have shoplifting, but this is different, this is more in depth than shoplifting. They've gotten about $5,000 of stuff up to this date," said Stump.

 Residents said $5,000 is no small chunk of change.

"I think it's a little unreal that they got away with that much stuff. Where were the people working at the store at that time? I feel like they had to have staked out the store and figured out where everybody was to get away with that much clothing," Thomas said.

Stump told us surveillance videos are shown to the public in hopes someone will be able to identify the suspects which could lead to an arrest.

"Imagine if that was a mom and pop store instead of a chain, you would want someone to come forward and say they know who these people are just to help out these store owners," said Thomas.

"One call from the right person could end this case," Detective Stump told us.

Detectives say all tips can remain anonymous. If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 304-255-STOP or the Raleigh County Sheriff's Office.