Flooding in McDowell County leaves people devastated


After roadways, fences and in some cases even homes were washed away in McDowell county, the heavy rains forced officials to place the county into a state of emergency on June 5th.

Denis Mullins' yard in Panther was destroyed. His driveway was covered in boulders and had massive holes in it. Mullins says he has so much work to do, he doesn't even know where to start.

"It destroyed everything,all of our roads and driveways washed out. We had to rescue our dogs," Mullins said.
Mullins said his driveway is the least of his worries. The Mullins family cemetery up the hill from his home, was also destroyed.
After the flooding forced officials to declare a state of emergency for McDowell County,  relief agencies like Red Cross came to help as much as possible.
"So we came down to assess the damage to the homes and provide food water and cleaning supplies to residents," Alayne Chapman, Red Cross Job Director, said.
Billy Conyers ,the Fire Chief of Panther says although this was a terrible situation, the people of Panther came together when it mattered most.
"It's a lot worse in Bull Creek and Mud Fork. It's devastating. devastating more close now then they have ever been," Conyers said.

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