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Monroe County woman found guilty without mercy on murder charge

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A jury found Amber Lee Richardson guilty of being an accessory to murder in the first degree without the recommendation of mercy Wednesday. This means she is not eligible for parole. They also found her guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

After deliberating for about 15 minutes Wednesday evening starting at 5 p.m. the jury came back with the ruling.

Monroe County prosecutor Justin St.Clair said the ruling is bitter sweet because so many lives were ruined in the crime including Amber Lee's three children and also her father.

The state closed their case Wednesday by telling the jury this case was not about guilt. The facts were there, she admitted to being involved in the murder. But the state did not want Richardson to get off with mercy.

The defense said they weren't denying Amber Lee Richardson conspired to kill her husband but it was Josh's idea in the first place. The defense said she should not be held accountable for the murder because she wasn't even there when her husband died she was simply going along with what Josh Hubbard said.

Just before the closing arguments the court heard from Amber Lee Richardson herself as she took the stand to testify.

She told the court she had been unhappy in her marriage with Danny Ray Richardson for a while. She said she instantly fell in love with Josh Hubbard when they met last year. Amber Lee said she wanted to divorce her husband, but it was Josh Hubbard who convinced her that killing her husband would be quicker and easier than getting a divorce.

She told the court from that point on she just went along with everything Hubbard instructed her to do and listened to his every word.

Earlier in the afternoon the state presented cell phone records as evidence. A forensic investigator read aloud text messages between Josh Hubbard and Amber Lee Richardson discussing the murder of her husband. In one of those text messages, Amber Lee Richardson text messaged Hubbard, "happy hunting," the night Danny was murdered.

Richardson's defense attorney said they will be appealing the ruling.
No word yet on when Josh Hubbard's trial will begin.

The trial began Tuesday for Amber Lee Richardson, a Monroe County woman accused of helping her boyfriend kill her husband in June of 2013.
Richardson is on trial for conspiring to kill her husband, Danny Richardson after troopers with the West Virginia State Police said she admitted to plotting her husband's murder.
Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney, Justin St. Clair began the trial by calling State Police Sergeant McKenzie to the stand.

He explained to the jury how Richardson became a sudisappearancesappearanceof her husband, Danny Richardson.
Sgt. McKenzie told the jury things weren't adding up when he went to the Richardson's home on Flat Mountain Road in Alderson last June to question Amber Lee after Danny went missing.

He said after he found several suspicious things at her house, including a pistol... he asked her to come to the station and during questioning she admitted to him she and her boyfriend, Joshua Hubbard, had devised a plan to kill her husband several weeks before.
"Josh would hide out in the back yard, with the pistol she had and some point in the night he would ambush Danny and shoot him with the pistol, killing him," said McKenzie.

Sgt. McKenzie said they soon found out by searching the property, that the two went through with the plan and found Danny Richardson's body in the woods behind their home that same day.
At that point they also found Hubbard hiding in the woods, who ran from troopers and led them on an 18 hour manhunt.

St. Clair began the trial in opening statements by telling the jury, they know Richardson didn't pull the trigger but her role in plotting the crime proves her guilty being an accessory to the murder.

Defense Attorney Jeff Rogers said Richardson should NOT be held accountable for the murder because it was Josh Hubbard who made the ultimate decision to kill.