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Thieves target truck tailgates from Mercer County dealership

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West Virginia State Troopers were called to Ramey Dodge after workers noticed about 8 pick-up trucks with the tailgates missing.
A manager at Ramey said they got into the back of the lot at night by cutting a hole in the chain-link fence and climbing through.
State troopers said it seems like a strange thing to steal off a truck, but they're actually an easy target.
"It's expensive and they are easy to get. You can pull in and they don't have locks on them so you can have them popped off in just a couple of seconds," said Sgt. Doug Miller.
Sgt. Miller said while they haven't had many cases like this recently this actually used to be a pretty common thing to steal.
"It used to years ago... Tailgates were a popular item. There was a rash of thefts probably about 8 or 9 years ago, but it seems like it's picking back up," said Miller.

Managers said it costs about $1,200 to replace each of the tailgates. And the suspects are probably making a few hundred bucks from each one that they're able to sell.  In addition to the 8 tailgates stolen in Princeton, Ramey said two tailgates were also stolen from their Tazewell, Virginia location.
If you have any information about the incident, call West Virginia State Police in Princeton.  Or if you have information about the thefts in Virginia, you're asked to call the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office.