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61 people are indicted in Tazewell County during drug roundup

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Drug Roundup in Tazewell County Drug Roundup in Tazewell County
A press conference was held Friday at Richlands Police Department in Tazewell County to discuss a recent drug roundup. 

At the news conference the Commonwealth Attorney's Office gave out a press release listing 61 people, indicted for drug related crimes, totaling the charges to 224 counts. 

The charges range from possessing of drugs to the distribution and selling of drugs. 

Commonwealth attorney, Dennis Lee, talked about the main problem and where the drugs are coming from, "From our investigation and other work, the majority is prescribed by doctors, not from the local community, but from people traveling to doctors out of state." Lee also told us that heroin, is not as big of a problem, but it's a trend that's growing quickly.

Officer Frank Dorton one of the members of The Richlands Police Department told me that drug round ups are a great start, but that their are many other things the community can do to keep drug habits from ever starting.  

Their will be a meeting on September 11th, at the Tazewell Middle School, at 7 p.m. The meeting is to discuss drug testing in Tazewell County Schools.