Doctors Say Antibiotics Can Lead to Other Health Issues

Antibiotics are drugs used for treating infections caused by bacteria. However misusing and over using these drugs have created a problem known as Antibiotic Resistance.

Physicians say they have seen increased misuse of antibiotics, leading to more problems than patients may have already had. Over the years after the famous penicillin discovery, more antibiotics have been created to fight bacteria. 

Antibiotics do not fight off viruses, and according to the FDA, they can actually make them worse. Doctors say overuse of antibiotics can cause your body to become resistant and it will no longer accept the medicine when its actually needed fight a bacterial infection. 

So, the next time you have the flu or cold like symptoms, doctors ask that you listen to their advice and not ask them to prescribe you an antibiotic. 

Dr. Coy Flowers of the Greenbrier Physicians Clinic said many people ask for antibiotics when they really don't need it.

"We're in this 'I want it now generation', and I just implore patients to listen to your physicians we've been through so much schooling and we have so much experience that we want to be the best caretakers of you and your family and hopefully you'll listen to us the next time we say that an antibiotic won't help," Dr. Flowers said.

Doctors say sometimes extra rest, vitamin c and fluids is all you need to get rid of a cold. 

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