‘Inside West Virginia Politics' Looks Back on 2017; Ahead to 2018

All may be quiet inside the West Virginia capitol now, but that will change when the Legislature returns January 10th for the 2018 session. We'll preview the top issues in the session this Sunday on "Inside West Virginia Politics" as well as look back at 2017.

"I like to fashion it as, we passed a skinny budget, that was responsible and tightened the state's budget. But we went big on the roads plan and infrastructure," said Del. Daryl Cowles, (R) Morgan - Majority Leader.

This year the state's financial position is somewhat better and there will be pressure to give teachers pay raises as well as pay increases for corrections officers.

"Well we are underpaying our corrections officers. They have one of the most dangerous jobs and a very important job in our society, and really they are getting paid below the poverty level," said Del. Mike Pushkin, (D) Kanawha.

But whether enough money will be there, remains to be seen.

"The economy is going to have to grow in order for us to, you know, give those pay raises; fund the agencies that need to be funded," said State Sen. Roman Prezioso, (D) Marion - Minority Leader.

One idea coming back in 2018, that failed this year, is tax reform.

"Tax reform isn't necessarily about just cutting taxes. It's really about reform the state tax code in a way that's going to lead to more economic growth in the state of West Virginia," said State Sen. Ryan Ferns, (R) Ohio - Majority Leader.

"Once again its very much a look back on 2017, with a look ahead tp 2018, that's this Sunday at 10 a.m. on FOX 59 on Inside West Virginia Politics. Please join us," said Mark Curtis, host of Inside West Virginia Politics.

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