Turning to music, Rainelle man writes song to forever remember June 23rd, 2016

1000-year-flood anniversary

RAINELLE, WV (WVNS) — People cope with tragedy in many different ways. John Wyatt remembers exactly where he was June 23rd, 2016 when the water began to rise in Greenbrier County.

Wyatt recalled seeing high water before, but never as bad as it was.

“The water in my yard was about ankle deep. I had seen the water come up before but never into the house,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt quickly moved one of his cars to higher ground and put precious belongings on top of cabinets and dressers. By the time he went back outside to move his other vehicle, the water was waist deep. Wyatt said he realized quickly things were getting bad so he hurried to check on friends. He remembers transformers blowing and propane tanks busting. Neighbors began helping neighbors, rescuing whoever they could.
However, Wyatt said an awful sound could still be heard in the darkness.

“You could hear the people down there crying for help, just screaming, ‘somebody please help us, somebody please save us,” Wyatt said.

While the awful memories will never be forgotten, sometimes tragedy can bring a broken community together. That’s exactly what Wyatt remembers.

“I saw Rainelle as a unit, as a people. They began to come together in a way I never saw happen before,” Wyatt said.

Lifting each other up in some of the darkest times. People cope with hard times in many different ways.
For Wyatt, his safe space is music. He grabbed his guitar and wrote a song. So the night of June 23rd, 2016 will never be forgotten.

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