2 Men Looking To Be The Next Mayor of Bluefield, Virginia


One of the races we are watching for our Virginia voters in Tazewell County is the mayor race in Bluefield.  The current mayor is seeking reelection and facing one challenger.  Don Harris is the current mayor of Bluefield, Virginia.  Harris said he’s been the mayor there for 10 years and has the experience.   

Harris said, “My goals are to see us really become more and more involved particularly we have the Leatherwood property that is a potential development site.  We also have about 140 some acres over at Richwood that is a potential development site.”

Donald Linkous is running against Harris.  He said he’s been on the Bluefield, Virginia Town Council for 20 years.

Linkous said, “The goal that I have, my number one priority goal is to have a council that gets along, have a council that wants to work together.  My biggest goal is to try to get the young people involved.” 

Both Harris and Linkous had good things to say about the town.

Harris said, “We have a wonderful, wonderful community here in the town of Bluefield, Virginia.”

Linkous said, “We have one of the best fire departments anywhere in the county.”

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