59News To Help Local Food Banks Through Boot Drive


To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of our parent company, Nexstar Broadcasting Incorporated, 59News is giving back to the community. 

We’re teaming up with fire departments in Ghent and Princeton for Fill the Boot drives. 59News and firefighters will be trying to fill up firefighter’s boots with as much money as possible to donate to the United Way of Southern West Virginia. 

The non-profit organization will then send the money to local food pantries like the Salvation Army and the Bluefield Union Mission. 

“These opportunities to be able to supply additional funding to people who give food is so important and we’re just so thankful for folks like you guys and the fire departments who are going to take their time and stand outside on what could be a little bit of a rainy day to bring awareness as well as funding to this issue,” says Margaret O’Neal, United Way of Southern West Virginia director. 

The goal of the Fill the Boot drive will be to stock food pantries in need.

“We really appreciate FOX 59News, Nexstar and United Way for helping us,” says Lynn Hanchock, Salvation Army of Princeton accounting clerk. “We really appreciate all they do for our community, our food pantry and the Salvation Army.”

To make the Founder’s Day Fill the Boot drive possible in Princeton, firefighters and mayor Tim Ealy have stepped up. They passed a unique ordinance in their May meeting for us to hold the event.

“We had an ordinance to allow them to stand not in the road, but on the side of the road and have a boot drive to benefit charities,” Ealy says. “And the fire department has to approve it to do that.”

Nexstar CEO, Perry Sook hopes to make the Founder’s Day charities an annual tradition for 59News and the more than 100 other TV stations within the company.

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