A chance of winning tickets to the Greenbrier Classic.


 Still want a chance to win tickets to the Greenbrier Classic? All week 59News This Morning has asked Greenbrier Classic trivia questions for you to enter to win tickets to each day of the classic plus tickets to both concerts. There is still time to enter, just answer ONE of the questions from our list below and head over to, http://www.wvnstv.com/story/29299534/greenbrier-classic-ticket-giveaway with the correct response to be eligible to win. Deadline ends June, 20 2015.

Q: What year did the Greenbrier Classic join the PGA tour schedule?

Q: Stuart Appleby won the inaugural tournament in 2010, what was his winning score?

Q: Previous Golf Pro Emeriti include Sam Snead and ___________? 

Q: It was announced two weeks ago that this man, _________, will be the new Golf Pro Emeritus at the Greenbrier Classic?

Q: According to the Greenbrier Resort, who was the first man to play the Old White TPC course in 1914?

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