A Crowd of People Rallied in Beckley to Save Healthcare


 A crowd of people took to the streets Saturday, September 23rd in Beckley today to rally for Healthcare. A group of people stood outside of Senator Shelley Moore-Capito’s office this afternoon in opposition of the Graham-Cassidy Bill. That’s a bill that would repeal our current healthcare – the Affordable Care Act.
 A vote is expected in the Senate this week. Senator Capito has remained silent on what her vote will be.
 Those rallying today like Richard Ojeda who is the Senator for the Seventh Senatorial District,  is hoping Senator Capito will vote no for the bill.

“I think she needs to do what’s right for the people of West Virginia and she needs to say absolutely not. You know there’s no reason why we should be going back to scratch on this. Because why they do that people will go uncovered,” said Ojeda.

Senator Joe Mansion has already expressed he opposes the Graham-Cassidy Bill.

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