A drowning Fayette County man is brought back to life by his family and friends


“I’m his little buddy, that’s my own little Jimmy Do Little, that’s my best friend in the world right there,” Paula Coon said.

A night time dip in Paint Creek for James Settle almost turns deadly.

“We came here yesterday evening to cool off and take us a country bath right here,” Tommy Settle, the brother of James Settle said.

Tommy enjoyed the cool water, and sat on the bridge while his brother swam around. He yelled to his brother to get back to the bank because the water was deep on the other side, that’s when they saw James go limp in the water.

“He was face down floating down the creek,” Settle said.

Tommy and friends jumped up to save his brother. They pulled him across the creek and onto the shore.
“I did chest compressions and mouth to mouth,” Coon said.

Coon performed CPR until first responders arrived. Incredibly, with her limited training, she brought James back to life.

“Without family and friends doing CPR, there most likely wouldn’t have been much we could’ve done,” Lieutenant Allen Poff with General Ambulance said.

This moment will stay with Settle and friends for a lifetime.

“I’m just glad I saved a life and I’m happy he’s alive and he’s doing okay,” Coon said.

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