A Manhunt set out to find an Alleged Abductor in Raleigh County


After an amber alert was issued yesterday evening (12/28) as an exhausting search was conducted to find 16-year-old Jaddah Rodgers. Her alleged abductor Lawrence Asbury was found in the town of Raleigh this afternoon (12/29) and is now in the custody of police.

“We were advised that there was a forcible abduction at one of the drug stores in town,” said the Chief Deputy with the Beckley Police Department, Jeffery McPeake.

It was that call which sparked an alarming amber alert for Rogers after she was allegedly abducted by Lawrence Asbury. “This is a very rare occurrence, senseless, I really don’t know what this guy was thinking,” said McPeake.

It was their job to that find out. They began their search at the Walgreen’s in Beckley and from there they continued to find the two.

“Through the work of the officers during the night they located the vehicle in the area,” said McPeake.

Asbury’s red Chevy Blazer was recovered from a beat down car wash in Glen Morgan area. With a high level of police on the case, they were lead to believe Asbury had her hostage somewhere nearby. “We did locate him, I actually saw him on the other side of the creek and we had officers over there,” said McPeake.

Police say it was tips from the community that led them to the right area. “It’s the community who helped us catch this individual, we had a tremendous amount on Facebook and social media,” said a Detective with the Beckley Police Department, Frank Priddy.

With help from the community and law enforcement, police were able to get Asbury into custody. “We just want to make sure that we get him into custody so that the neighborhood is safe,” said McPeake.

While police haven’t been able to report whether Asbury was armed and dangerous, Rodgers did suffer minor bruising. His actions could see serious consequences. “Right now he’s looking at kidnapping and potentially more charges can be determined,” said Detective Priddy.

As for Rodgers, she is now home safe with her family. “Everybody worked together on this and it really had a good outcome,” said Detective Priddy.

Tonight (12/29) Asbury was brought to the Beckley Police Department where investigators questioned him and now he waits his arraignment.

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