A Mountain of Free Potatoes in Greenbrier


There’s a mountain of potatoes at one church in Greenbrier County. The spiritual spuds were donated to the St. Charles Borromeo Church in White Sulphur Springs anonymously. We’re talking more than 7 thousand 500 pounds of potatoes. They’re a godsend to Walter Patterson Senior, a White Sulphur resident. His daughter and niece were affected by the floods in June. Taking home 40 pounds of those potatoes, he appreciates everything that Father Chapin is doing. He said “I thank the reverend for distributing the potatoes to us in White Sulphur cause we have gone through our devastation.” 

Mary Lou Pender is also appreciative of the free potatoes. She received 20 pounds of potatoes, and said “It’s really helpful because this time of year its been very difficult and it’s really been helpful that we can get food to help us.”

The community outreach office of the church has made all of these potatoes available for those that need it. Father Chapin knows that it’s important to people help those that have been effected by natural disasters. He said ” well i think that deep down, he’s trying to give back like all of us should and evidently he’s got the resources to do so. We just got 4 palettes. He sent 6 tractor trailer loads of potatoes.”

Patterson received an extra bag of potatoes and hes going to help out someone else. He said ” I will take the other bag and I will give it out to someone who is in need who could use the potatoes.” You can pick up potatoes from 11am to 2pm from either at the office or in the lot across from the Post Office until the potatoes run out. 

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