The dog days of summer come with the heat and battling a house fire makes it that much more strenuous. Crews responded to a house fire on Thurmond street in Beckley just after 3:30 Sunday, August 2nd, 2015. Once they arrived on scene, flames were pouring out of the windows and the roof.

“Didn’t appear to be any life threat, it appears to be an abandoned house actually due to be demolished,” Lieutenant Ernest Parsons with the Beckley Fire Prevention Bureau said.

The house is at least 100 feet away from Stratton Elementary

“We take precautions with any structure fire and with any exposures, this obviously isn’t too close to any structure so that’s one of the things we consider when we arrive,” Parsons said.

According to Lieutenant Parsons, power was running through the line to the meter, but no actual power or gas was turned on inside. But no official word on if it was a set fire.

“We’ll canvas the area police department is here as well, we’ll ask neighbors to see if they saw anything, obviously with an abandoned house, it’s questionable,” Parsons said.