Mount Hope Heritage Center was chosen as one of the landmarks on the African American Heritage Tour

The tour takes you to 17 historic sites in Summers, Raleigh, Fayette and Nicholas County. Each site gives you a little bit of history of African Americans that have shaped the way of this region. This is something that has been put on by the National Park Service. Mount Hope Heritage Center was chosen because it was once Dubois High School. In the beginning of the year 1965, Dubois High School was an all black school that white students were integrated into. Bernice Clayton was around during the integration of Dubois High School, and she says she’s glad people are learning about the history. 

“Oh I think it’s great, it part of our history and they need to know a lot of our young kids don’t realize and I think that everybody needs to know it is a part of history it’s been around for years and years and years.” Clayton, said.

To download the free app on your mobile device for the African American Heritage Tour you can go to and click on the African American Heritage Tour link. CD’s of the tour are also available at park visitor centers.