After 4 Ambush Attacks, Local Law Enforcement Takes Preventative Measures


It was a tragic weekend for law enforcement after an officer in San Antonio is killed and 3 other officers across the country are shot. Detective Benjamin Marconi was killed right outside police headquarters, marking the 58th fatal shooting of an officer this year.

“Every time you get out of the car you have to tell yourself ‘this is the last time my boots will hit the ground,” says a Deputy Sheriff for Fayette County, Andrew Hudson. It’s that attitude Deputy Andrew Hudson and his K-9 partner Sadie take after 4 police officers from from 3 different states were attacked ambush style in just under 24 hours this weekend.

After recently graduating from the police academy, the newly trained deputy says unknown situations like this force law enforcement to never let their guard down. “Always keep a good view of your field of view, kind of box yourself in where you can see everything around you,” says Hudson.

It’s extensive situational training that helps Hudson stay safe even in the worst of situations. “You never know you could have wrote this guys grandma a ticket and you don’t know he could shoot you,” says Hudson.

Deputies understand they have a dangerous job and it’s not a profession for everyone. “It takes a special person to do this job and I work with 38 other special guys,” says Hudson.

One of those men is Lieutenant Shawn Campbell who has been in law enforcement for nearly two decades and has seen the occupation change right before his eyes. “There’s a lot more placement on situational awareness now,” says Campbell.

Sadly he is no stranger to ambush style aggression people have on deputies. “No matter how many times you hear it and see it you never build a tolerance to it, it’s terrible,” says Campbell.

In the end, law enforcement as a whole has the same goal in mind. “We all took this job to help people and we don’t make the most money but we like to help people but I can’t help anyone if I’m dead,” says Hudson.

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